Burglary Alarm System Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cheras, Malaysia

Burglar alarm system consists of a control panel and devices such as indoor/outdoor burglar alarm sensor, magnetic contacts, panic buttons, glass break sensors, vibration sensors (Burglar Alarm accessories) etc. connected to the control panel. Anomalies are detected by sensors and magnetic contacts and the control panel recognizes them. After that, it makes a loud siren sound notify the unauthorized entry to nearby people or send an alert to preset reporting address.

How does burglar alarm system work?

There are several types of burglar alarm systems and basically they all work in the following flow.


1. Sensor is triggered by intruder
When the system is armed,
– Motion sensor: Detects when an intruder enters the detection area.
– Photobeam sensor: Detects when the infrared beam emitted from the transmitter is blocked.
– Magnetic contact: Watches the opening and closing of doors or windows. Detects when the door or window opened.

2. Send alert to control panel
All devices are connected to the control panel by wired or wireless and when a sensor is triggered, it’s recognized by the control panel.

3. Sound siren
A loud noise of siren is effective in turn away intruders. In many cases, siren or bell installed on the outer wall of the building is connected to the alarm system and notify it to nearby people. Some control panels have built-in sirens to alert people inside the building.

4. Send notification to reporting address
System sends notification to preset reporting address (Voice call, e-mail, SMS, monitoring center etc..). Currently, there are also common to receive it with dedicated smartphone app.